Switch on

I do not play the Switch enough.

I am not even sure when exactly we bought it.

It spends way too much time patiently just sitting around, waiting to entertain someone.

Even though I play too little, it is still a definitive sparker of joy.

I love to look of the console. Just lying there on the table, our black and white unit looks almost Apple-like. That impression lessens when I pick up, and materials, fit, and finish become tactile. The impession also lessens because the design makes so many good concessions to being played with. Kickstand, easily detachable and retachable controllers, and that warm, happy screen you can carry around anywhere.

It feels, somehow, luxurious to have and play on a device like this. The Nintendo DS or, the brief times I used it, the Wii U, never gave me that feeling of luxury. Neither did any Ipad or Iphone when it came to games, come to think of it. Perhaps a PSP or Vita would have - a dedicated gaming device with proper gaming controls and enough power to look good to modern eyes.

It is a Mario delivery device. A Mario kart delivery device. Also a Quake delivery device whenever I take the time to set up the proper controls, and a delivery device for more exciting indie games than I will ever have time for.

It may be a bit childish to go on like this.

That is entirely the point. This is a device for play. Sweet, sweet play.