Airpods goo

June 22, 2024

I think my Airpods are on their way out. Their latest downturn is not being as able to notice actuallt being in my ears anymore.

Unfortunately, I do not like them enough to look forward to paying for the latest and greatest version.

They are good at what they do, and I can get nothing else which does the same things quite as well, but … Paying again for the same easy to drop things, expensive little gadgets running on finite non-replaceable batteries which I feel almost compelled to bring everywhere? Not appealing.

I put on my still surprisingly strong-going Sony headphones (bought in February of 2017!) for a bit of podcast listening while making tea, and once again discovered how much nicer sound can be coming out of slightly larger hardware, softly yet snugly seated over and around my ears rather than inside them.

(How and why do their batteries still last, and last so well?)

Perhaps I will switch back to the Sonys if and when the Airpods give up the ghost, and run them completely into the ground before checking what else is out there? It is not - I think - as if I will miss any of the Airpods' special sauce enough to really go crazy. Or panic-splurge.

Also: I hold my phone way too much.