Writing on paper

June 09, 2024

It is nice to write on paper.

It is nice to get out in the tactile world, to move around among all the things and people, taking in the sights and sounds of everything.

I have not written much on paper in quite a while, but I have been thinking about doing so quite a bit lately. What usually limits paper writing for me is that it feels cumbersome to integrate it with digital writing, which is of course no excuse since the main point is to just get more thoughts written down more often, and writing without the risk of distractions always holds great appeal to me.

I also happened to be given a nice notebook with a pen with a surprisingly nice flow to it, and so decided it was time to give paper another shot at becoming a regular routine.

With an hour to spend, I brought both notebook and laptop along to a nice coffee place. I ended up spending the whole hour - and two cups of really nice coffee - with just the notebook, the cozy environment, and my own very random thoughts. I filled two pages or so with text, and I actually think my handwriting and technique improved (or returned) notably over just that little time and space.

Of course, the paper and pen were only a small part of the whole experience. I could have had a great session had I been writing on the laptop as well. But a notebook just feels much more … there, much more integrated in the place. Does that make any sense?

One of my thoughts was recalling time I spend writing in a café in Berlin a few years ago. I wondered what I wrote that time. I think that was digital, so I should have it lying around somewhere here …