Listening to the fake rain

April 27, 2024

I may - may - be getting better at relaxing.

Possibly helped by a stomach bug last weekend, illness always helps remove imagined musts from the schedule.

Also helping is probably the fact that two really packed weeks - just before that stomach thing - recently passed, and I feel as if I have not even begun to unpack those properly. Conferences are great, but I need time to rest and process afterward. Two conferences back to back … well, I will not be surprised if that takes four times as long to work through.

The first one was the developer conference Jsday in Verona, so of course I would like to make a Kodsnack episode about it. But it would probably be a good idea to write some notes about it too, before it becomes to distant. In any case, it was a great time, and on one of the walks into the city I had one of my best espressos ever. Oh, there was lots of good food, of course.

Plus: more nice stickers!

Conferences are such excesses of potential. They provide an infinite number of possible connections, new conversations, experiences, all in a time much too limited to grasp even a fraction of a fraction of them. I do think I managed to grasp a few good ones.

I also came up with a lightning talk, even if I missed out on a chance to actually present it. But it was a fun new experience to get the idea, think through it inbetween sessions, then get to my hotel room in the evening, write down a few notes and then speak through it and finding out that yes, it did in fact hold together and come out more or less the way I hoped. Very cool, and now I can grab the opportunity some other time.

Also, thinking about the lightning talk provided the same kind of adrenaline boost as if I had a scheduled talk myself. No sleepiness, some extra alertness, a different kind of focus even while listening to other sessions.

It would have created even more possibilities for new connections. And possibly wrung me out even more by the end of the conference.

Next time!