Inspirer of the year

September 14, 2023

Yesterday saw the first hopefully annual Developers day event in Stockholm. A dinner, party, and awards event for developers to celebrate and generally have a good time. You know, the kind of thing one might imagine people getting up to in the distant past. I was invited, and a nominee for the inspirer of the year award for my work with Kodsnack. That together with the opportunity to meet a lot of aquaintances, some of who I have only ever seen on-screen, was enough to push me out of my usual routine, mark dates on the calendar, book trains and accomodation, and last but not least pack.

I have taken similar trips post-pandemic, but somehow it still felt like more of a throwback than usual. Early autumn air, Stockholm, people I know through podcasting … it felt like a break from the regular timeline and a jump to 2016 or so. And all in a good way, I should add!

Bury the lede much?

So anyway, I won the award!

On stage at Developers day, accepting the award On stage at Developers day, accepting the award

It felt fantastic. I am no stranger to impostor syndrome and similar feelings, but I had no issues whatsoever with that. I felt that yes, I have really done the stuff they gave me this award for. I am pretty darn good at keeping on making this podcast, and it is great to hear (again) that other people appreciate it too.

I also rediscovered how nice of a community Swedish developers are. Being something of an awards ceremony in Stockholm, I would not have been surprised to see at leasst some amount of nervous posturing or the like. But no, everyone seemed to be in the same mood as I was; happy to hang out and talk, cheering for all award winners, and being surprised and giddy if they personally won. In fairness, I should not have been that surprised, knowing multiple people involved and just how down to earth they are. It makes sense that they would involve equally nice people.

I actually got to bed pretty decently for a party night, but my brain just kept on spinning various thought threads, and in the end I had the least number of hours of sleep in a night since I do not know when.

Totally worth it.

Huge thanks to everyone who made this such a great evening!

Framed award diploma, plus flowers Framed award diploma, plus flowers

Now, let us continue to build good things. More podcasting. More connections with people.

More sunny walks with cool and clear autumn air.

My head is still spinning with thoughts in all kinds of directions, but I remain confident that falling asleep will not be a problem tonight.

(I may have a cold coming in. Unrelated, but appropriate.)