Visual video

September 10, 2023

I have kept using and enjoying Ferromagnetic for visualizing audio. Music is of course always nice, with the visualizer either in the foreground or behind all other windows.

However, I have recently given it a serious try while doing other things as well. The fact that it actually can listen to not only music, but all system audio, is great. For me, the visuals seem to make a fantastic focusing tool when it comes to meetings. It is so easy to drift for a few seconds, and suddenly find yourself reading something off in some other window, having completely lost track of what was being said. Images pulsing and evolving with the actual words being said provide a wonderful magnet, attracting that kind of drift and capturing it in its world of colour. Best of all, since there are no words present, and everything sort of connects to the words being spoken, the language part of the brain can stay focused on what people are actually saying.

And of course, it looks just fantastic as well. It feels like having meetings in cyberspace of a Rez variety.

I have also started running it while recording podcasts, and while I do not need the focus help in quite the same way there, it still makes the conversation more immersive, letting it fill more of the screen and mind.

Surely, user interfaces in general could stand to become a bit more colourful and animated? Could we get a bit more of Macos Minter next year, please?