I found it

Yesterday I started wondering where I had put that export of the bjoreman.com incarnation of 2002 to 2012. I knew I managed to export it, but not what, if anything, I did with my exported files.

I then spent some time looking through files and folders on my NAS, eventually finding it in that most unexpected of places:

A reasonably named folder in my documents folder, right here on this machine.

It is simply one HTML page for each entry in the main content database table, plus a single index page linking to all of them. All without a single line of styling.

It works well enough for my reference purposes. 1814 pages, not all of which have content.

Of course it needs to be online, if for no other reason than to make it easier for me to rediscover it the next time I start wondering.

Here it is, in all its unstyled glory.

(Also, I should look into getting a different web host some day, uploading 1814 small files is not fast …)