Clear skies

As I keep on mentioning before anyone even has time to ask, running is probably my very best tool for clearing my mind. I will go for a run, and on the way whatever is truly bothering me will bubble up and have a chance to be grappled with. It will usually be something I had not quite realized the importance of beforehand, and I will usually make some concrete progress before I get back. Huge benefits, five stars, and so on.

Today, I went for a lunch run. A little hungry, a little sped up by perhaps a bit more coffee than was strictly necessary. The skies were becoming cloudier, my breath felt a bit more wheezy than usual, and there was no real feeling of flow.

And there was nothing on my mind. Nothing of any importance came bubbling up. As I think is the case for most people, my brain will usually only take a very, very short break once the latest rock (no matter the size of it) has been dealt with before generating the next. Either I managed to go for my run in that exact moment, or something else was going on.

My current theory is that because a few recent rocks have been about planning, my brain has been tricked into giving me an extended break because those planned events have not actually occurred yet.

How long will that last?

Who knows!

I would not be surprised if a new rock popped into being any second now, possibly related to more short-term preparations needed for the events. But I am perfectly happy floating in this little between space right now.

I wonder if I can make it happen more often?